Founded in 1951, Verified provides nationally recognized, independent circulation audits, web site audits and research services and is renowned for its integrity, objectivity and leadership. Verified audits and research deliver the powerful sales tools necessary to compete in today's competitive advertising marketplace. Additionally, Verified's audit procedures contribute to improvements in distribution and circulation management.

Verified works with paid and free community newspapers, TMCs, shopping guides, alternative news weeklies, ethnic, special interest and niche publications, business, parenting and senior periodicals, electronic newsletters, e-publications, trade and consumer magazines, and Yellow Pages directories. Research clients include a range of publishing, advertising, manufacturing, retail, and alternate distribution companies.

Verified quotes an exact dollar amount for audit and research services. We have no membership fees, and have no additional charges what-so-ever. To find out more about Verified's services and fees, please contact:

John Lowman
Director of Sales
(415) 461-6006 x213
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