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Verified: confirming the delivery of your advertising message

ver-i-fied - adj Confirmed as to accuracy or truth by acceptable evidence, action, etc.
au-dit - n A systematic check or assessment typically carried out by an independent assessor.

With more than 65 years of experience, Verified Audit Circulation is a leading provider of services for confirmation of delivery of print and digital media, company branding, direct-to-home marketing, and online marketing. Verified serves publishers of newspapers and magazines, with an established method of tracking integrated audiences across multiple channels. Our circulation audits provide advertisers the assurance they need to make informed purchasing decisions. We also serve companies engaged in direct distribution of samples, door-to-door advertising, directories and other items where confirmation of delivery and engagement is vital.

As a trusted independent third party, Verified strives to provide media owners and media buyers the ability to quantify and qualify targeted audiences in the changing landscape of the magazine and newspaper industry, providing them with a compelling set of sales tools and personalized service.

As publishers and audiences move beyond print media, Verified is there to support them every step of the way with circulation audits and research services. Our auditing team has the ability to track audience movement from print into digital formats, providing publishers and advertisers an accurate account of "Total Audience Reach" with a multichannel Integrated Audit Report that carries the trusted Verified logo.

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The Verified Enhanced Audit Report is a custom report that shows a publisher's total audience reach across all media channels.

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