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Circulation Auditing

Advertisers use audit reports to compare and evaluate advertising opportunities, and most national and regional advertisers require audited circulation. Local advertisers look for audited circulation as a mark of credibility and professionalism.

Verified's step-by-step approach makes the auditing process flow smoothly. The records required for an audit are the same records that are needed for an efficient, accountable circulation department. Verified's internationally recognized circulation auditing programs add strength and credibility to sales programs. Our audits help your circulation department run efficiently, maximize your press run, and have proven to increase advertising sales.

  • Free Distribution: Verified confirms delivery with market research and/or fieldwork.
  • Home Delivery Publications: Verified conducts a bi-annual reader survey.
  • Free Rack Distribution: Verified regularly conducts Field Verification Surveys.
  • Magazine Readership: Verified analyzes and classifies readership of trade, consumer, and lifestyle publications through an annual review of data from requester cards or other source documents.
Audit reports contain a wealth of useful information including average total qualified circulation, paid vs. free distribution, delivery mode, ZIP code or other geographic breakdowns, and circulation history.

Whether a requirement or a recommendation, audited circulation adds strength and credibility to all sales presentations.

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