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Verified Audit Circulation has been providing recognized and trusted circulation auditing and research services to the publishing industry for more than 60 years. Over that time Verified has become a reputable brand, providing exceptional accuracy, integrity, and personal services tailored to media providers and buyers.

Our ability to structure circulation auditing and research around the needs of our clients has given Verified a competitive edge. Verified was the first auditing firm to develop methodologies for auditing free-circulation publications. Since then, Verified has consistently demonstrated a rare ability to see and implement effective new auditing solutions for age-old and brand-new challenges alike; creating reports that include digital delivery of publications, website traffic analysis, reporting on total audience reach in our Integrated Audit Reports, and offering direct-to-door field verification services that track the efficiency of distribution methods.

Original thinking continues to shape our offerings and we are ready to meet the challenges and changes in the digital age of publishing.

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Verified offers:

  • A comprehensive, ever-evolving range of essential auditing and research services
  • An unwavering customer focus including personalized training and assistance
  • Experienced, professional staff passionate about - yes, it's true - circulation auditing
  • The convenience of online circulation data submission
  • The ability to connect the dots and offer a “whole audience” approach to auditing

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