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March / April 2019
How Newspapers are Dealing with Newspaper Carrier Shortage and Threat of Cyberattacks
Metro's Success is Good News for Life Beyond the Web
A Subsidy Without a Clear Purpose Doesn't Move the Canadian News Industry Forward
New Email Address for Audit Submissions

January / February 2019
Raymond Schiel (1946 – 2018)
Two-Thirds Of B2B Brands Are Pushing Digital Transformation
Judge Nixes Citizenship Question on Census
Tips & Techniques: Digital-Only Editions

October / November 2018
Magazine Readership Rises on Mobile, Dips in Print
Midterm Political Ads: Nearly $9 Billion
Tips & Techniques: Change of Audit Period

August / September 2018
Trump Attacks Google News Results, Search Experts Debunk Bias Claim
Mother Jones Receives $1 Million Gift From Craigslist Founder
Tips & Techniques: Google Analytics

June / July 2018
How the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Grew Facebook Reach 6x in a Year
Google Issues Updated GDPR Guidance to Publishers on How to Gain Consent From Users
Magazine Mobile Web Audiences Up 17%
Verified's GDPR Processing Notice

April / May 2018
When Towns Lose Their Newspapers, Disease Detectives are Left Flying Blind
Berkleyside Raises $1M From Readers In Direct Public Offering
B2B Publisher IEEE GlobalSpec Launches GDPR Opt-In Campaign
Tips & Techniques: USPS and ESRI Market Coverage

February / March 2018
5 Ways Magazine Publishers Can Maximize Postal Savings
Google Chrome to Block All Ads on Sites That Don't Comply With "Better Ads"
Following Little Things Collapse, Intermarkets' Ambrose Talks Strategy for Publishers
Tips & Techniques: Commitment to Transparency

December 2017 / January 2018
What Seasoned Advertisers Can Learn From Podcast Advertising
A New Hurdle for Newspapers: Duty Charges on Newsprint
How a Local Paper Built a Tool to Measure Impact
Tips & Techniques: Unlimited Access Publications

November 2017
Study: Small Publishers Register Big Effects
Use Free Google Analytics to Target Loyal Readers
Tips & Techniques: Access Audit Reports Online

October 2017
Google Reportedly to End First Click Free on Publisher Sites
Hispanic Facts in 2017
With Roots in Their Communities, Local Newspaper Owners Find Ways to Flourish and Prosper
Tips & Techniques: U.S. Census Data for Targeted Distribution

September 2017
Google Reportedly to End First Click Free on Publisher Sites
Hispanic Facts in 2017
With Roots in Their Communities, Local Newspaper Owners Find Ways to Flourish and Prosper
Tips & Techniques: U.S. Census Data for Targeted Distribution

August 2017
Hurricane Harvey Update
Newspapers Highlight Role With Blank Pages
Google Works on News Subs, Facebook Bows Publisher Logos
Global Marketers Improving Media Oversight: WFA Study Finds More Control, Transparency

July 2017
Politico Has 20K Paid Subscribers, Accounting for Half Its Revenue
Trust In Newspapers Up From Historic Lows
MPA: More Publishers Adopt Video As Audiences Grow
Tips & Techniques – Workbook Filing Dates

June 2017
Verified New Corporate Offices
Apple Will (Finally) Share Podcast Analytics
5 Hispanic Market Segments You've Likely Never Heard Of

May 2017
FCC Moves Forward With Plan to Gut Net Neutrality Rules
Gannett Asks FBI to Find Fake Facebook Followers
Verified is on the Move

April 2017
MPA Brand Report: Desktop Audience Drops, Mobile Rises
Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites; Then on 5,000; Same Results
Magazines Thrive on Social Media
Apply for Associate Membership Today

March 2017
WAN-IFRA Letter to President Trump
Google Agrees to MRC Third-Party Audit For YouTube
Forecast Calls for Record Easter Spending

February 2017
Google Has First Amendment Right to Remove Sites From Search Results
Amtrak Partnership Gives Riders Digital Access to Washington Post
Tips & Techniques: Paid Third-Party/Sponsored Circulation

December 2016 / January 2017
Information & Resource Guide – 2017 Update
Mitchell Daily Republic Partners With High School Newspaper
Half of Newspaper Readership Still Print-Only
Tips & Techniques: Filing Deadlines for Consumer Publications

November 2016
Native Ad Expert Calls on Industry to Help Google, Facebook Shut Down Fake News
Newspapers Sue FCC Over Cross-Ownership Rules
Tips & Techniques: Rotated Circulation

October 2016
Native Ad Expert Calls on Industry to Help Google, Facebook Shut Down Fake News
Newspapers Sue FCC Over Cross-Ownership Rules
Tips & Techniques: Rotated Circulation

September 2016
2016 – 2017 B2B Information and Resource Guide Available
Time Inc. Launches VR Platform, Resurrects "Life"
Tips & Techniques: Accessing Your Audit Reports on Verified's Website

August 2016
Publishers Outperform Non-Publishers on Every Measure of Ad Effectiveness
New Technologies and Revenue Sources Provide Hope for Local and Regional Newspapers
Tips & Techniques: Website Analytics/Website Verification Reports

July 2016
The Atlantic Second Printing of the August/September Issue
Some Publishers Seeing Huge Uptick in Organic Search Traffic
Non-paid Direct Request Digital Edition Requalification Via Opens/Downloads

June 2016
Readers Want Quality News, But Aren't Willing to Pay for It
Warren Buffett Stumped By Newspaper Trends
Mag Newsstand Sales Fall Again
Verified 2016 Audit Guides Available in July 2016

May 2016
Standard International Print Group Offers Ebook Program for Newspaper Loyalty and Subscription Programs
All The News That's Fit to Print – On Video
Research Explores Impact of Native Advertising on Media Outlets, Ad Companies
Tips & Techniques: Publicity Guidelines

April 2016
Magazine Newsstand Sales Tumble Again
Will Moat's New Digital Ad Metric Rival the Measurement Giants?
Apply for Associate Membership

March 2016
Magazine Newsstand Sales Tumble Again
Will Moat's New Digital Ad Metric Rival the Measurement Giants?
Apply for Associate Membership

February 2016
Local Ads Expected to Hit $146B in 2016, Digital is Largest Slice
B2B Sellers are "Just Not There Yet"
Tips & Techniques: Using Digital Vendors Reports

December 2015 / January 2016
Local Ads Expected to Hit $146B in 2016, Digital is Largest Slice
B2B Sellers are "Just Not There Yet"
Tips & Techniques: Using Digital Vendors Reports

November 2015
Local Ads Expected to Hit $146B in 2016, Digital is Largest Slice
B2B Sellers are "Just Not There Yet"
Tips & Techniques: Using Digital Vendors Reports

October 2015
New York Times Offers Free Digital Day Passes To Newsstand Readers
Opt-in Email Boosts Engagement, Lead Generation and Acquisition
Tips & Techniques: Maximize Distribution Value for Target Publications

September 2015
What Type Of Content Gets More Shares And Links?
Million Maps Santa Monica Uses Audit to Stifle Competitors
Print Magazine Readers Outnumber Digital 2 To 1

August 2015
Digital Media Survey Results (Updated)
Advertising Industry Losing Billions to Ad-Blocking Software
Breaking News? Facebook and Twitter a Popular Source

July 2015
Digital Media Survey Results
Apple Launches "News" App To Replace Newsstand
Marketers Looking To Technology To Enhance Engaging Content

June 2015
Three In Four Publishers Will Increase Video Inventory To Meet Demand
USA Today May Scrap Daily Print Edition
LGBT Press Spending Up in 2014

May 2015
Take Our Survey on Digital Media
Multicultural Consumers Fastest Growing Segment of U.S. Population
NAA Reports Record Audience For Online Newspapers
Verified 2015 Audit Guides Now Available

March / April 2015
Alt Weekly Circulation Stays Strong from 2009–2013
African-Americans Top Media Users

February 2015
Postal Price Increase Not As High
Viewability in Focus at Leadership Meeting
Digital Local Ad Spend at 40% of Total Local Spend

December 2014 / January 2015
The Apple Newsstand Grew About 30% in Size in 2014
Newspapers' Online Audiences Set New Record
Publishers Struggle With Email Marketing
Verified Guidelines Updated

November 2014
Common Circulation Questions Advertisers Ask
Cox Relaunches Newspaper Websites
Forbes, adMarketplace Sign Exclusive Search Ad Deal Replacing Google
Google Tests Contributor For Ad-Free Websites
Tips & Techniques: Qualified Trade Show/Event Copies

October 2014
City & Regional Magazines Rely On Print Advertising
MPA Axes Ad Pages, Bows Media 360 Report
Younger Affluent Audiences Open To Native Ads, Report Finds
Tips & Techniques: Enhanced Audit

September 2014
Athlon Acquires Parade, Consolidates Newspaper-Distributed Magazine Market
OPA Calls "Online" Irrelevant, Becomes DCN: Focus Now On Digital "Content"
Quantifying Social Media Advertising Contribution
Tips & Techniques: Paid and Free Mail

August 2014
Hunt for the Oldest Verified Audit Report!
Branded Content and Publication Editorial Trusted Almost Equally by Consumers
Are You Selling Programmatic? One Out of Ten Don't Know
Tips & Techniques: 3 Keys to a Successful Audit

July 2014
14 Ways to Enhance the Power of Printed Magazines
Three Steps to Cross-Devise Success for Publishers
Americans Becoming Self-and-Spend Centered
Join our LinkedIn Group – Connect with Others in Your Profession

June 2014
Announcement: Invoice Cycle Change
U.S. TV Soccer Ad Dollars Continue To Rise
Few Willing To Pay For Online News
Tips & Techniques: Target Distribution

May 2014
Leaked New York Times Internal Digital Report
Newspaper Business Model Evolves, Takes Advantage of Market Changes
Print Revenue Highest, But Digital Driving Growth For B-to-Bs
Tips & Techniques: How to Prepare for your Audit

April 2014
The Future of Online Publishers: Three Key Trends
YouTube The Most Engaging Social Site
NAA: Newspaper Ad Revs Fell in 2013, Digital Slightly Up
Tips & Techniques: Social Media Platforms That Can Be Included in an Audit Report

March 2014
Four of Five American Consumers Ignore Online Ads Most Frequently
Print Still Dominates Local Newspaper Reading
Tips & Techniques: Premiums for Non-paid Subscriptions

February 2014
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
Marketers Plan Surge In Social Media Spending But Don't Know How to Quantify Its Impact
Renewal Notices and First Impressions
New Regimes Set New Goals at Boston Globe, Washington Post
Updated Telemarketing Guide Available

December 2013 / January 2014
Digital Magazine Circulation Soars
Newspaper Dollars Still Tops In Local Media
Tips & Techniques: Publicity Guidelines

November 2013
Consumers Know Their Data Value, Demand Brand Rewards
Early to Rise, But Holiday Shopping Marginally Increasing
Tips & Techniques: Free Digital Bulk

October 2013
Empathy And Authenticity in B2B Content Marketing
ASME Updates Guidelines, Releases Native Ad Rules
Newspaper Coupons First Choice for Savings
Tips & Techniques: Samples

September 2013
Scale Is Important – It's Just Not Everything
IAB Offers Ad Ops Certification for Digital Marketing Pros
Tips & Techniques: Newspaper Requested (Opt-in) Free Carrier

August 2013
More Print News Subscribers Plan to Cancel Subs, Uptick in Mobile Consumption
Mobile Streaming Preferred Over PC
New Pricing for Printed Reports

July 2013
Verified Announces Discontinuation of Print and Digital Unduplicated Category
Pet Spending Passes $60 Billion
The Doctor is in...the Magazine Business
Tips & Techniques: Integrated Databases

June 2013
Verified Releases First Verified Enhanced Audit Report for CFE Media
Add Social Media Stats to Your Audit Report
B2B Revenues Rise Thanks To Events, Digital Ads
Online Content Sourcing Critical For B2B Buyers
Increasing Audience Engagement is Future for News Media

May 2013
Optimize Format For Effective Multi-Media Viewing
Online Event Attendance Trending Up; Chat and Moderators Popular

April 2013
Newspaper Ad Revenues Drop Again
Millennials Spend More on Family Entertainment
Verified Has Approved CMG's New Voice Broadcast Subscription Order Confirmation Tool
Tips & Techniques: Free (Non-Paid) Requester Circulation

March 2013
U.S. Ad Economy Expands For Third Consecutive Year
Newspapers Remain Top Sports Source For Men
Citizen Journalists Recognized By Global Traditional Media
Tips & Techniques: Newspapers in Education (NIE)

February 2013
2012 Circle of Excellence Winners
Newspapers, Magazines Impacted as USPS Cuts Saturday Delivery
Marketing Budgets Rise, But Determining Multichannel ROI, Metrics Remains a Challenge
Telemarketing Guidelines Updated

January 2013
Magazine Launches Outpace Closures in 2012
Three Pinterest Metrics You Should Pay Attention To
World Press Trends
Tips & Techniques: Publicity Guidelines

November / December 2012
Stores Get "Huge Win" In Long Black Weekend
Publisher Monetization Survey Says Most Publishers Sell Integrated Ad Packages
Consumers' and Marketers' Response to Digital and Traditional Advertising
Tips & Techniques: Converting Subscribers From Print to Digital-Only

October 2012
181 Magazines Launch So Far In 2012
This Holiday, Electronics Lose, Clothes Win
Holiday Spending Up; Online Research Significant
Online Subscription Management Guidelines

September 2012
Verified Offers Free Media Kit Reviews
Magazines Adopt QR Codes, Digital Watermarks
Consumers Distrust Advertising: Trad Media Fares Better Than Digital
Tips & Techniques: Premiums for Non-Paid Circulation

August 2012
NAA Blasts USPS-Valassis Deal
How to Create More Content Without Spending More Money
Suit Up for School
Tips & Techniques: Social Media Platforms That Can Be Included in an Audit Report

July 2012
How to Avoid Common Audit Mistakes
Seven Things Making Digital Publishing Better Now
133 Magazines Launched, Outpacing Closures
Ad Dollars Shift as Boomers Age
Tips & Techniques: Print and Digital Edition Package Sales

June 2012
Display the Verified Logo on Your Website
Thriving in a World of Change (Enough Handwringing About Ad Rates!)
It's Not All About Size
Tips & Techniques: Mobile Branded Apps

May 2012
Paywalls Proliferate, Most Digital Pros Won't Pay for Them
How To Turn Your Inventory Into a Valuable Commodity
Updated Information & Resource Guide Available June 1st

April 2012
Translate Digital Ad Speak to Traditional Speak
An Important Competitive Issue for Publishers
Ads, FSIs, and Coupons Increase CPG Share of Voice

March 2012
Fama Completes First YouTube Digital Activity Verification Report
Alt Weeklies Eye an AP of their Own with Content Exchange
Papers Reaping One Digital Dollar for Every Seven Print Dollars Lost
Guideline Update Summary: Pre-Populated Demographic Data

February 2012
2011 Circle of Excellence Winners
Join Verified at EWIP in San Francisco
Missed the Groupon WebEx? It's Not Too Late!
Newspaper Web Sites Boast Extensive Net Reach
Support Your Local Newspaper Reporter

December 2011 / January 2012
Newspapers' Digital Audience Skews Younger, More Affluent
Digital-Only Readers Make Up 11% of Magazine Audience
Extra! Extra! Local Newspaper Readership Stays Strong
Get Your Audit Reports in PDF Format

November 2011
Selling with Information
Magazine Readers Vary on Economy
Tablet News Readers Significant, But Only a Harbinger...
Tips & Techniques: Circulation Area Map, Publication Logo and Publication Description

October 2011
Digital-Only Publications Audits
Mag Execs Jazzed by Tablets, Claim Print's Longevity
Emailers Not Notified If It Lands in Junk or Spam
Tips & Techniques: Masthead and ZIP Code Listing Reports

September 2011
Publishers Take Advantage of Groupon for Subscription Sales
LGBT Affluents Younger, Richer Than Other Upscale Demos
Schedule Your Customized Audit Report Training Now!
Tips & Techniques: Reporting Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media

August 2011
People Still Turn To Sunday Papers For Coupons
Journalists Get Ideas on Social Networks; Company Sites and PR for Support
Tips & Techniques: Integrated Database Audits

July 2011
Keep in Touch With Verified via Facebook and Twitter
Mag Bag: 138 Launches, 74 Fold by July 2011
Targeting eReaders
Reader Surveys Increase Ad Sales

June 2011
Event and Tradeshow Distribution Can Now Be Qualified
Snapshot of Small Business Confidence
Small Papers Lead the Way on Paywalls
Tips & Techniques: Successful Free Bulk / Target Distribution

May 2011
NYT Traffic Declines With Pay Wall
Newspapers Deliver, Consumers Take Action
Tips & Techniques: Event Audit

April 2011
Do I Really Need an App?
New York Times Co. Has 100,000 Paid Digital Subscibers
On-The-Go Local News Readers Influence Community
Tips & Techniques: Digital-Replica vs. Digital Non-Replica Edition

March 2011
Verified Readership Reports – A Good Value
How Leaky Will the NY Times Pay Wall Be?
Amid Ad Turnaround, Print Media Continues To Lose Ground
Tips & Techniques: Site License

February 2011
Emlen Media Joins Verified
Tribune Media Partners With Groupon for
Redeemed: Newspaper Coupons Still Effective
Report: Paid Apps & Print Don't Mix
Tips & Techniques: Non-Requested Digital Editions

December 2010 / January 2011
What Do Audiences Want from Publisher's Apps?
Apple Launches Subscriptions on the App Store
Google Introduces One Pass
Tips & Techniques: E-Newsletter Audit

November 2010
Enter the Silly Office Photo Contest!
Just Around the Corner: 9 Key Consumer Trends for the Year Ahead
Google – Friend of the Fourth Estate
Radio Stabilized, Newspapers Slammed in Third Quarter
Tips & Techniques: Non-Paid Target Digital Replica Circulation

October 2010
Demographics and Consumer Spending Data
News You Can Booze: Advertisers Want Back Into College Papers
Magazine Ad Pages Grow 3.6% in Q3 2010
Confidence In Mass Media Continues to Falter
Tips & Techniques: Publicity Guidelines

September 2010
Starch's Galin Weighs In On Effective Magazine Advertising
Ford Ad In New York Times Features Barcodes
Guideline Updates for 2010

August 2010
Verified Partners with M|Buy
Technology And Secular Shifts in Spending Support Communication Industry Growth
Magazine Newsstand Sales Head South
Verified Issues Guide for Target (Bulk) Distribution

July 2010
ANA: Events, Sponsorship Metrics Are Inadequate
Google Checkout Could Power Media And Newspaper Pay Walls
Tips & Techniques: Non-Qualified Digital Editions

June 2010
Follow Verified on Faceook and Twitter
Website Editors Strive To Rein In Nasty Comments
Small Business To Increase Traditional and Online Marketing
Tips & Techniques: Print/Digital Hybrid Subscriptions

May 2010
Mobile Metrics
Newspapers First Ad Rep Firm To Close
New Privacy Guidelines Would Be More Strict Than Self-Regulatory Standards
Tips & Techniques: Where to Get A Copy of Verified's Audit Guidelines

April 2010
Murdoch Calls for Paywalls, But Study Says Most Consumers Still Not Ready to Pay for News
Christian Science Monitor Thrives As Weekly
Read All Aboot It: Canadians Still Like Print Newspapers
Tips & Techniques: Where to Get A Copy of Verified's Audit Guidelines

March 2010
2010 Circle of Excellence Winners
CJR Mag Study: Free Makes Money
Newspaper Sites Most Trusted Local News Source
Tips & Techniques: Email Newsletter Audits

February 2010
Verified Introduces Integrated Media Audit Reports
The WSJ Tears Down Pay Wall Courtesy Of Acura
Bargain Hunters Start With Newspaper and Magazine Ads
Tips & Techniques: Telemarketing Guidelines

December 2009 / January 2010
Tween Buying Power
Twitter 2010: Meeting Marketer Exectations
Consumers Will Pay For News if Unique and Not Yet Known
Newspaper Group Argues Against Opt-In Consent For Behavioral Targeting
Magazine Heavyweights Debut Digital Storefront
Tips & Techniques: Consolidated Media Reports

November 2009
Verified Becomes a Member of the IAB
Perishables Sales Booming At Retail
Paper Trail: The Week Guarantees Ad Recall
Tips & Techniques: Online Audience Measurement

October 2009
Verified Confirms Tribune Interactive Contests Results
JAGTAG Provides a New and Unique Way to Link Print and Electronic Media
Verified Offers Readership Surveys
Magazines Take Page Out of Online's Playbook, Use Cross-Media Studies to Tout Cost Effects
Gender and Age Consumption Differs in Evolving Media Usage Patterns

September 2009
E-Newsletter Survey
Trad Media Still Influential In Travel Decisions
Monetizing Newspaper Content
Commemorative Issues Prove Profitable
Tips and Techniques: Record Retention

August 2009
5 Free Ways to Motivate Your Employees
E-Readers – Who's Buying Them?
Newspapers Still Send Consumers to the Store
NAA: Newspaper Sites Enjoy Higher Traffic
URLs Boost Magazine Ad Response
Tips and Techniques: Accessing Your Audit Report Online

July 2009
It's Not The Size Of An Ad, It's Where You Put It That Counts
Third-Party Audits Needed for Trade Show & Events
Mobile Phone Advertising Potential
Where Do The C-Level Execs See Advertisements?
Smaller Newspapers Feel the Squeeze
Hispanic Consumers More Positive, Receptive to Marketing
Tips & Techniques: Other Non-Qualified

June 2009
Verified Announces New Online Audit Evaluation Survey
Advertising Keeps Consumer Confidence
3 Keys to a Successful Audit
Online Helps Offset Decline in Media Company Revenue Last Year
Print Advertising Drives Online Leads
Tips & Techniques: Association Subscriptions

May 2009
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Study Finds Newspapers Have Future
Maximize Your SRDS Listing Today
Information & Resource Guide Update
MediaNews To Charge For Online Content
McClatchy City Newspapers Charge For TV Section
Tips & Techniques: Publicity Guidelines

April 2009
Neighborhood and Ethnic Newspapers Are Bucking the Trend
Bar Codes In Newspaper Ads Link To Web Content Via Mobile App
Verified Developing Integrated Audit Report With Questex Media
Under-35 Hispanic Age Group Engages With Hispanic Newspapers
Reader Survey Sampling Techniques

March 2009
5 Consumer Trends for 2009
Quantcast Measures Publishers' Website Traffic for Free
Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey
Toss-up on Future Print, But Relevant Today
MPA: Mag Sites Boost Traffic 11%
Who Else Sees Your Audit Report?

February 2009
Use ESRI Data in Your Audit Report to Sell Advertising
Verified Announces the 2009 Circle of Excellence Winners
Understanding Web Metric Terms
OPA: Premium Content Sites Worth Extra Bucks
Tips & Techniques: Third-Party Sales

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