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January / February 2019

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
Raymond Schiel (1946 – 2018)
Two-Thirds Of B2B Brands Are Pushing Digital Transformation
Events Calendar
Judge Nixes Citizenship Question on Census
Tips & Techniques: Digital-Only Editions

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Babcox Media, Inc.
Professional Carwashing & DetailingProfessional Carwashing & Detailing is a B2B brand whose primary focus is on educating and informing operators of carwashes, fast lube facilities and auto-detailing centers. The brand content and editorial scope of the publication features tips and techniques geared toward helping those in the carwash and detail industry. The content of every issue is also available to subscribers globally via the online digital version.

The Purple
The PurpleBased on DataLend's robust, exclusive and award-winning securities finance market intelligence, The Purple features commentary and market data across regions and asset classes. The biannual magazine is the go-to, at-a-glance resource for securities finance professionals in trading, front office, quantitative analysis, business and other departments. It serves as a reference guide to the global securities market for beneficial owners, agent lenders, broker-dealers and the media.

Rock Products
Semco Publishing
Rock ProductsRock Products is a B2B brand intended for professionals who work for companies that mine and process aggregate materials and specialty frac sands. The brand content and editorial scope of the publication includes processing technology information, management issues and market analyses. The content of every issue is also available to subscribers via the online digital version.


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Raymond Schiel (1946 – 2018)

RIP, Pay Day RayIt is with great sadness that Verified announces the passing of auditor Raymond Schiel. We have lost a dear friend and a valued colleague.

Ray conducted audits for Verified for more than 17 years. He was a highly esteemed and respected member of our team of auditors. For those of us who had the privilege of working with him, we were humbled by his kindness and compassion toward everyone around him.

With a smile on his face and exceptional dedication, Ray always went above and beyond working as a guide through the audit process. He had a wealth of experience and generously shared his expertise. Ray had a positive attitude and desire to be of service to others.

Ray loved to travel and spent many days on the road visiting Verified's clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Central America. As anyone who knew him will tell you, he had boundless energy and regularly made friends of strangers.

Ray was an exceptional individual and he will be greatly missed. All of us at Verified extend our sincere condolences to Ray's family and friends.


Raymond Schiel (1946 – 2018)

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Two-Thirds of B2B Brands Are Pushing Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and the Customer ExperienceB2B brands are pursuing digital transformation – in varying degrees, according to Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience, a study by FPX.

Of 229 B2B decision makers, 68% say their firms are undergoing such a transformation. The process could affect many activities within a company, presumably including email marketing.

Of those that aren't pursuing a transformation, 25% are delaying the project because they are satisfied with the status quo.

Also, 85% agree that their firm has a clear internal consensus of what digital transformation means.
The top goal is improving the customer experience.

Overall, 58% cite that as an objective, but the number jumps to 63% for manufacturers. However, in an apparent contradiction, only 25% say the best way to drive more sales is to enhance the buyer experience.

Of those polled, 95% agree that digital transformation funds are best spent on improving the customer experience.

In addition, 39% of manufacturers plan to invest in instant-quote technology, and 33% expect to spend on configure-price-quote technology.

However, 94% say a faster quote-to-order process will drive additional sales. But 53% admit that the process now takes five days. Another 35% can do it in one to four days, and only 13% can respond in less than a day.

Another spending priority is e-commerce, with 38% planning to invest it in 2019. However, only 28% of non-manufacturers will do so.

At the same time, 38% of the manufacturers will spend on sales portals, along with 34% of non-manufacturers.

Other high priorities include pricing optimization and IoT.

Among the manufacturers, 68% currently have internal portals, 65% have sales portals and 59% rely on internal collaboration technology.

Richard Hearn, CEO of FPX, states that, "Too many companies are fine with their current capabilities, which in some cases can serve as a death sentence for B2B organizations."

He adds, "Laggards will quickly fall behind competitors and must prioritize making technology investments for a better buying and selling experience in 2019."

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Events Calendar

NAC2019 Conference – "Stayin' Alive" in Atlanta
February 11 – 13, 2019
Atlanta, GA

SXSW Media & Journalism
March 8 – 14, 2019
Austin, TX

Local Online Advertising Conference 2019
March 11 – 12, 2019
New York, NY

2019 Super Niche
March 18 – 20, 2019
Nashville, TN

NNAP Black Press Week
March 20 – 22, 2019
Washington, DC

AFCP Annual Conference & Tradeshow
April 25 – 27, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

If you have an event that you would like to announce,
please send your information to

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Judge Nixes Citizenship Question on Census

Judge Nixes Citizenship Question on CensusA federal judge has blocked the U.S. Commerce Department from asking people about their citizenship in the 2020 Census.

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman said in a ruling issued Tuesday that Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross's decision to add a citizenship question to the Census was unlawful for several reasons, including that it was "arbitrary and capricious."

Furman added that Ross violated a law that requires the government to collect data via administrative records, instead of direct inquiries.

The judge also found that asking people about citizenship will likely result in undercounting "certain sectors," including "people who live in households containing noncitizens and Hispanics."

The decision turned on the Administrative Procedure Act – a law that requires agencies to follow certain procedures before making decisions.

"Secretary Ross's decision to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census questionnaire, while not inconsistent with the Constitution, violated the APA in several respects," Furman wrote in a 277-page decision.

He added that the Administrative Procedure Act allows an agency to change its policy, but that the agency must first "consider all important aspects of a problem; study the relevant evidence and arrive at a decision rationally supported by that evidence; comply with all applicable procedures and substantive laws; and articulate the facts and reasons – the real reasons – for that decision."

The major ad trade groups objected to the citizenship question last year. "We are concerned that the addition of a citizenship question would depress response among both non-citizens and their families (even if family members are indeed citizens)," the CEOs of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, American Advertising Federation, Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Advertising Research Foundation wrote in a jointly signed letter sent to the U.S. Department of Commerce last August.

Earlier last year, the ANA said its members were concerned that questioning people about their citizenship would skew the results by undercounting minorities.

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Letter Against Citizenship Question on Census


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Tips & Techniques: Digital-Only Editions

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A Digital-Only edition may be a replica or non-replica. The Digital-Only edition must have the same general content, appearance and focus as the print edition. A Digital-Only edition is not a special issue such as a dining and entertainment guide or "best of" issue.

For paid publications, the subscription offer must state that a Digital-Only edition is published on a specific day of the day/week/month or other frequency. The subscription form must include a field for a subscriber's email address.

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