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October / November 2018

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
Magazine Readership Rises on Mobile, Dips in Print
Events Calendar
Midterm Political Ads: Nearly $9 Billion
Tips & Techniques: Change of Audit Period

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

Security Sales & Integration
EH Media
Security Sales & IntegrationFramingham, MA
Security Sales & Integration is a B2B brand that – together with its official website,, e-newsletters and social media sites – reaches executive, sales and technical professionals who recommend, purchase and/or install electronic physical security equipment.

Live Sound InternationalLive Sound International
EH Media
Framingham, MA
Live Sound International and its official website, ProSoundWeb, are a combined B2B brand and together provide up-to-date information on all facets of professional audio, covering sound reinforcement, recording, systems contracting and related fields.

Chemical ProcessingChemical Processing
Putman Media, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL
Chemical Processing is a media franchise that serves global chemical industry professionals who design, operate, maintain and retrofit existing fine, specialty and commodity chemical petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Control DesignControl Design
Putman Media, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL
Control Design is a business-to-business brand intended for individuals with interests in industrial machine building.

Putman Media, Inc.
ControlSchaumburg, IL
Control is a media brand dedicated to "Promoting Excellence in Process Authorization."

Pharmaceutical ManufacturingPharmaceutical Manufacturing
Putman Media, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is a media brand intended for individuals with interests in pharmaceutical manufacturing and production.


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Magazine Readership Rises on Mobile, Dips in Print

Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience ReportTotal magazine media audiences in August 2018 reached 1.8 billion, up 1.5% versus August 2017 for the 112 magazine brands included in the latest Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report from MPA – The Association of Magazine Media.

Audiences consuming magazine media in print, digital and on the web dipped in August 2018, per the MPA. Mobile web and video magazine audiences continue to climb.

Print and digital magazine media audiences (those on an e-reader or app) dropped 7% in August 2018, compared to the same month in 2017.

Web audiences (audiences that consume content from magazine brands on a desktop or laptop) fell 16.8% versus the year prior.

Audiences are increasingly moving from large to small screens: mobile web audiences – unique visitors that visit a site on a mobile device – grew 11.8% this August, compared to August 2017.

This is the fifth consecutive month of mobile web audience growth of 10% or greater, according to the MPA.
Audiences consuming video magazine media grew a whopping 47.9%.

For the second consecutive month, this segment of the magazine media audience is greater than the web audience, with 183 million and 160 million consumers, respectively. MPA says this is fueled by the growing popularity of video viewing on mobile devices.

As of September, the video audience metrics included in MPA's Brand Audience Report are from comScore's Video Metrix Multi-Platform, which measures the net audience for video viewed on desktop and/or mobile devices.

This differs from reports prior to July 2018, where only desktop video was included.

ESPN The Magazine, People, WebMD, Allrecipes and AARP Magazine had the highest average monthly audience in August 2018 across print and digital, web, mobile web and video platforms, according to MPA.

The top five magazines with the highest average monthly audience growth this August, compared to the same month a year prior were: Men's Journal (143%), Motorcyclist (90%), Domino (87%), The New Yorker (80%) and Harper's Bazaar (76%).

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Events Calendar

2018 NAB Pilot/LMA Voice Summit
December 11, 2018
Washington, DC

NNPA 2019 Mid-Winter Conference
January 23 – 26, 2019
Orlando, FL

American Magazine Media Conference 2019
February 5, 2019
New York, NY

AAN Winter Conference
February 7 – 9, 2019
St. Petersburg, FL

CRMA Winter Publisher's Retreat
February 7 – 9, 2019
La Jolla, CA

LocalMedia Key Executives Mega-Conference
February 25 – 27, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

Parent Media Association Annual 2019 Conference
February 28 – March 2, 2019
St. Petersburg, FL

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Midterm Political Ads: Nearly $9 Billion

Midterms 2018U.S. political advertising for this year's midterm elections climbed 8% to $8.9 billion versus the same election four years ago, according to Borrell Associates. Digital media spending is forecast to see skyrocketing gains.

Borrell raised its earlier revenue estimates by $400 million. Overall political midterm spending hit record levels this year.

Broadcast TV received the bulk of the overall spending – $3.5 billion – although Borrell says its share of the market is a quarter of what it was four years ago: a 40% share.

Digital media spending soared – to $1.8 billion, for a 20% share. It was $70 million in 2014, according to Borrell.

Display commanded the biggest part of digital, at $706 billion. Digital video hit $373 billion, while email marketing got to $362 billion and search reached $353 billion. Overall, the researcher says more than 60% of every dollar went toward social networks in terms of display and video advertising.

Cable TV got approximately $1.1 billion (12.5% share); radio got $689 million (7.7%); newspapers/magazines, $723 million (8.1%); telemarketing, $501 million (5.6%); out-of-home, $406 million (4.5%); direct mail, $225 million (2.5%); and other print, $100 million.

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Tips & Techniques: Change of Audit Period

Audit periods may be changed upon client request. All requested changes of audit period must be approved by Verified prior to the change.


  • Any outstanding invoices must be paid in full.
  • If an audit period is changed to a future period (for example, from March 2019 to June 2019), audit fees must be paid for the entire period under audit.
  • If an audit is changed to a previous period, payments through the original audit period are due.
  • A change of audit period cannot exceed 18 months. Changes of audit period beyond 18 months will require an initial audit.
  • The Verified logo and audit pending logo can be used during the change of audit period within the 18-month period.
  • In the case of initial audits, a revised contract with the changed audit period must be signed and returned to Verified prior to the change.
  • All audit fees are nonrefundable.

Please contact Verified if you have any questions regarding a change of audit period.

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