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December 2017 / January 2018

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
What Seasoned Advertisers Can Learn From Podcast Advertising
A New Hurdle for Newspapers: Duty Charges on Newsprint
Events Calendar
How a Local Paper Built a Tool to Measure Impact
Tips & Techniques: Unlimited Access Publications

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

Bass PlayerBass Player
NewBay Media, LLC
New York, NY
Bass Player is a consumer brand intended for individuals with focused interest in bass guitar, including gear, technique and live performance.

Guitar WorldGuitar World
NewBay Media, LLC
New York, NY
Guitar World is a progressive monthly publication for all guitar players – professional, semiprofessional, amateurs and hobbyists, as well as for fans of the world of guitar.

Strauss Community Newspapers
Strauss Community NewspapersStraussnews
Chester, NY
Straus News publishes 17 local weekly newspapers and associated websites in contiguous towns in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The circulation area covers Manhattan and Orange County in New York, Sussex and Passaic Counties in New Jersey, and Pike County in Pennsylvania.

Fort Worth WeeklyFort Worth Weekly
Fort Worth Weekly
Fort Worth, TX
The Fort Worth Weekly provides a vibrant alternative to the city's often-timid daily, with award-winning and irreverent reporters who keep readers well informed and the powers-that-be worried.

CE Pro
EH Media
CE ProFramingham, MA
CE Pro is the leading print publication and online media business for custom installers in the residential market. These professionals design, install and service the connected home, including audio, video, security, home automation, lighting controls, motorized shades, energy management, home networks and related systems.

Commercial IntegratorCommercial Integrator
EH Media
Framingham, MA
Commercial Integrator is a B2B providing analytical business information, tips and strategies for commercially-focused integration and consulting firms in the small and midsize business (SMB) markets.

Truck Parts & ServiceTruck Parts & Service
Randall Reilly
Tuscaloosa, AL
Truck Parts & Service is considered the industry authority on aftermarket parts, independent garage repair facilities and parts distributors.


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What Seasoned Advertisers Can Learn From Podcast Advertising

What Seasoned Advertisers Can Learn From Podcast Advertisingby Gil Klein, Op-Ed Contributor

During radio's golden age, its influence was so powerful that advertisers quickly grasped the opportunity to speak directly to a captivated audience. In 2018, podcasts will be following suit, quickly asserting themselves as the most intimate platform du jour.

Today, 40% of Americans over age 12 have tuned into a podcast, and 24% are regular listeners, according to a study done by Edison Research in partnership with Triton Digital. Within this next-generation form of media, old-school radio-style advertising tactics have proven successful: a survey from Midroll found that 61% of podcast listeners bought something advertised on a podcast. Podcasts now have one of the highest cost-per-impression (CPM) rates, notes Drake Baer in Business Insider.

So what lessons can seasoned advertisers learn from the burgeoning field of podcast advertising?

The importance of a highly targeted audience
Podcasts are often focused on a specific topic and have cultivated a small but mighty following, allowing advertisers to collect highly targeted data from each podcast and speak directly to a specified audience.

Based on the host, content and reviews of a podcast, advertisers can make predictions regarding who's tuning in.

Take NPR's "How I Built This" with Guy Raz, a show about entrepreneurs and how they built their businesses. We can assume listeners are likely younger, educated and tech-savvy.

And unlike TV, online or in-app audiences, podcast listeners have gone out of their way to download and consume the content and tend not to tune out when an ad comes on. Even more so, since listeners are often otherwise engaged while listening – driving or exercising, for example – they're less likely to stop what they're doing and fast-forward through an ad. Listeners are both a more captive and captivated audience.

Ads should feel intuitive and natural
Podcast ads usually feel natural, especially when read by the host of the show. Many are delivered in a particularly conversational tone and involve personal stories about the product or service, making them seem more like an anecdote or recommendation than an advertisement.

Podcasts ads are also often native, seamlessly integrated into an episode. Take, for example, entertainment and celebrity gossip podcasts whose hosts weave in personal recommendations for beauty products, subscription boxes, cooking services, and more. These ads often fit perfectly within the podcast's regular, non-promotional content, pinpointed for the audience.

Trusted sources and influencers go a long way
Podcast listeners are true fans. Hosts develop genuine followings, becoming influencers by virtue of being the voice that delivers the content listeners crave day to day, week to week. This loyalty fosters long-term exposure, as 88% of podcast listeners tune in to most or all episodes of their chosen podcasts, according to Midroll, and will travel to attend live shows or tour gatherings. Fans are often so devoted that they're even willing to donate money. Listeners of the show "99% Invisible," for example, raised almost $600,000 in three years to help pay for the show's production expenses, according to Cecelia Kang in the Washington Post.

Despite the plethora of media outlets and the almost-science fiction level of today's technology, it seems that old-school audio advertisements are back. Podcasts have allowed the host-read audio ad to make a comeback, and it's succeeding. Seasoned advertisers can draw from this success, implementing the value of self-selected and pinpointed audiences, intuitive or native ads, while piggy-backing on the loyalty and intimacy that hosts and other trusted sources engender.

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A New Hurdle for Newspapers: Duty Charges on Newsprint

by Melynda Fuller

A New Hurdle for Newspapers: Duty Charges on NewsprintA proposed duty on newsprint imported from Canada could prove deadly for struggling papers across the United States. Newsprint prices have been steadily increasing. They jumped in October to a three-year high. The duty would only compound the situation.

The proposed duty came after North Pacific Paper Co. logged a trade complaint against Canadian suppliers of paper last year, alleging the government subsidizes the industry, giving it an unfair advantage compared to domestic paper producers.

The U.S. government began its investigation, and a January announcement from the U.S. Department of Commerce is all but likely to see duties of 15% to 25% placed on paper products. Canada is the top provider of newsprint in the world, and the U.S. is its biggest market.

In an industry locked in a precarious position, newspaper publishers are preparing for the worst, and some expect to be forced to completely close up shop.

Local journalism is the lifeblood of communities the world over, and it is also the most vulnerable to even the smallest budget adjustments. While larger papers count the cost of their print paper as a small fraction of their operating budget, small, local papers have been placing razor-sharp focus on their budgets for decades.

Small pubs have seen subscription and advertising monies decline.

A story in the Financial Post noted the Idaho Press-Tribune is reported to have pulled back publishing to six days a week in order to save money. When the town's Macy's department store closed, the newspaper took a big hit in lost advertising dollars. That meant the publication had to find further ways to save money. The duty will make production of small titles like the Press-Tribune nearly impossible.

The current administration's barrage of attacks on the press has been well documented over the last year. But this twist – throttling the required materials to actually produce the news – is a surreal and sobering reminder that no one aspect of maintaining a free press can be ignored.

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Events Calendar

American Magazine Media Conference
February 6, 2018
New York, NY

Folio: Top Women in Media Awards Deadline
February 15, 2018

B2B Marketing Exchange
February 19 – 21, 2018
Scottsdale, AZ

Alternative Newsmedia Digital Conference
February 22 – 24, 2018
Portland, OR

LocalMedia Mega-Conference 2018
February 26 – 28, 2018
San Diego, CA

ANA Media Conference Presented by Quantcast
February 28 – March 2, 2018
Orlando, FL

Social Media Marketing World 2018
February 28 – March 2, 2018
San Diego, CA


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How a Local Paper Built a Tool to Measure Impact

Impact TrackerHow do you measure impact?

Many publishers are looking to outside sources for funding through foundations, investors and subscriptions. In addition to analyzing interest in their work through pageviews, completion rates, stickiness and other metrics, companies and newsrooms need to show how much of a difference is being made by their work across channels.

The Journal Media News Group, a news organization located in the northern suburbs of New York City, created a way to measure many of their successes through Impact Tracker, a custom online tool developed by its staff that could soon expand from three Gannett newsrooms to 16 more in the USA Today network next year. | FULL ARTICLE


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Tips & Techniques: Unlimited Access Publications

Verified has updated its guidelines for publications using unlimited-access programs such as the Texture app from Next Issue Media. In the past, these copies were categorized as Paid Digital Single Copy Sales.

With the new unlimited access category, publishers can now report these copies as paid digital subscription sales, not single copy sales.

For the audit, publishers will need to prove the reader paid a minimum of $0.01 for the unlimited access program.

Additionally, only unique opens are qualified as paid digital subscriptions. Unique opens are readers who requested a particular magazine and opened an issue.

Due to the proprietary information provided by third-party vendors, these paid digital subscriptions may or may not be included in the geographic breakdown on the audit reports and publisher's statements.

If you have any questions regarding unlimited access circulation, please contact Verified at 415-461-6006.

Please send comments and story ideas to
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