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November 2015

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
Local Ads Expected to Hit $146B in 2016, Digital is Largest Slice
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B2B Sellers are "Just Not There Yet"
Tips & Techniques: Using Digital Vendors Reports

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

Label & Narrow WebLabel & Narrow Web
Rodman Media
Ramsey, NJ
Label & Narrow Web is a B2B brand intended for individuals with broad-based interests in the narrow web segment of converting and printing. The content and editorial scope of the publication includes well-researched, staff-written feature articles, insightful accounts from industry leaders, information about narrow web products, industry news and much more. The content of every issue is also available on the web and to subscribers globally via the online digital edition.

The Miami TimesThe Miami Times
The Miami Times
Miami, FL
Since 1923, The Miami Times has been an important part of the week for some of South Florida's most sophisticated readers who rely upon this newspaper for the most comprehensive and engaging coverage of community news, arts and entertainment, family life, business and religious activities.

Worth International Media Group
Miami Lakes, FL
Recommend is a travel trade media brand focused on helping travel agents sell travel. It features in-depth, trending, worldwide destination and product content catering directly to travel agents.

Radio Resource Mission Critical CommunicationsRadio Resource Mission Critical Communications
Pandata Corporation
Centennial, CO
Radio Resource Mission Critical Communications magazine covers wireless voice and data solutions, news, policy, issues and technology trends for the public safety/government, critical infrastructure and private wireless communications industries.

Powder CoatingPowder Coating
CSC Publishing Inc.
Saint Paul, MN
Powder Coating is a technical publications devoted exclusively to subscribers in the powder coating industry and other green finishing technology. Powder coating is an environmentally safe, nontoxic industrial paint that is applied with specialized equipment to products, which are subsequently baked in an oven at high temperatures. The aim of Powder Coating is to provide practical information that readers will use in the daily operation of their businesses.

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Local Ads Expected to Hit $146B in 2016, Digital is Largest Slice

Local Ads Expected to Hit $146B in 2016U.S. local advertising will see modest growth next year – about the same pace as the overall economy.

Total local advertising revenues in the U.S. will climb 3.75% to $146.6 billion in 2016 – up from $141.3 billion this year, according to BIA/Kelsey, an advisory company focused on local media.

The company says this will follow the overall economic growth of the U.S. economy, which is also projected to rise by low single-digit increases.

The fastest-growing area include all local online/digital revenues – with a 12.1% rise to $42.6 billion from $38 billion in 2015.

Percent of share and dollar amount:
Direct mail – 25.6% ($37.5 billion)
Local TV – 14.5% ($21.3 billion)
Online/interactive – 11.3% ($16.6 billion)
Radio – 10.0% ($14.7 billion)
Newspapers – 9.8% ($14.4 billion)
Mobile – 7.7% ($11.3 billion)
Out-of-home – 5.6% ($8.21 billion)
Local cable – 5.1% ($7.48 billion)
Newspapers-online, come – 2.6% ($3.8 billion)
Yellow Pages-print – 1.7% ($2.49 billion)
Yellow Pages-Internet – 1.6% ($2.35 billion)
Local email – 1.6% ($2.35 billion)
Magazines – 1.0%, ($1.47 billion)
Radio-online at 0.8% ($1.17 billion)
TV-online – 0.7% ($1.03 billion)
Magazine-online – 0.3% ($440 million)

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Events Calendar

Events CalendarDigital Publishing Innovation Summit
December 1 – 2, 2015
San Francisco, CA

MPA Biennial Research Symposium 2015
December 3, 2015
New York, NY

AAN Digital Conference
January 21 – 23, 2016
San Francisco, CA

City and Regional Magazine Association's Winter Publisher's Roundtable
January 29 – 30, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ

If you have an event that you would like to announce,
please send your information to


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B2B Sellers Are "Just Not There Yet"

B2B Sellers Are "Just Not There Yet"According to new research from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Accenture Interactive and SAP hybris, B2B buyer demands have changed the game for B2B sellers. Buyers expect a consistent and personalized experience in every stage of their purchasing journey.

Though business buyers are incorporating digital channels into their buying journey, they aren't the only channels a B2B buyer touches, so sellers must find ways to integrate data from all channels. Seller respondents say that 38% of their customers are using online channels exclusively, while another 32% use a combination of on- and offline channels.

Sellers aren't prepared to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, and despite knowing exactly what buyers want, they have a hard time meeting their expectations across the customer journey, says the report. B2B sellers just aren't there yet, according to the research.

  • Sellers rated the top barrier to their omnichannel strategy as "difficulty sharing customer data and analytics between channels, countries or locations." A top-five response with regards to overall rankings was a "lack of the right business measurements and incentives."
  • B2B sellers find personalization to be an implementation challenge in every stage of the buyer journey. Disparate systems and processes complicate data aggregation and sharing efforts, says the report.

However, although many B2B sellers have made strides in developing discrete digital touchpoints, most struggle with weaving them all together with their existing channels to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Level of Challenge to B2B Marketers and Sales Teams in Creating Personalized Experience for All Stages of Buyer's Journey

B2B Buying Habits
While almost all respondents have access to a company-mandated internal portal / company-dedicated buying website, they're using outside sources to research products and services that they purchase for work. Online consumer marketplaces (33%), search engines (26%) and business marketplaces (17%) are the most popular methods of doing so.

Percent of Work-Related Purchases Offline and Researched Offline (2015)

B2B buyers not only report higher total spend online but also higher percentages of work purchases made online and a larger average purchase size for online work purchases.

Buying Behavior (Work-Related Purchases) From Previous Year

B2B buyers have high expectations for engagement across the customer journey, says the report. Today's B2B buyers are looking for the convenience and intimacy they've come to expect from a B2C experience. They're even willing to reward sellers who provide such experiences.

B2B sellers say they're investing disproportionately in meeting customer expectations across multiple channels. 74% of North American and European respondents chose "meeting customer expectations" as their top driver for investment in omnichannel initiatives. Closely trailing, 68% of sellers had providing a "consistent customer experience regardless of channel" as a priority.

Primary Drivers Behind Investment in Omnichannel Initiatives (2015)

More than anything else, B2B buyers want to know the price they're going to pay for something. They don't expect to jump through multiple hoops or wade through several conditions to learn their actual price for a product or service, says the report. The research shows that "price transparency" is even more important to buyers than knowing if a supplier has the lowest price.

First- and Second-Most Important Factors to Buy Again from Supplier

B2B sellers must take control of their omnichannel experience, concludes the report. Sellers are on the right track by trying to implement omnichannel touchpoints but must amp up the integration of technology platforms with people and processes to support a real-time operating environment.

Creating personalized omnichannel engagement requires:

  • Technology that supports today's complex customer journey. Customers enjoy their freedom to take any path to purchase they so choose; the idea of a funnel where customers go into the top and come out the bottom no longer exists.
  • Mapping customer journeys to understand typical customers' interests and behaviors.
  • Determining what capabilities your company needs to serve your customer on his journey.
  • Comparing these capabilities to your systems of engagement to see where there are gaps that can be filled by existing systems or new investments.


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Tips & Techniques: Using Digital Vendors Reports

Using vendor reports for reporting digital circulation can be time consuming and frustrating for publishers. Reports from vendors (Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Next Issue Media) and other digital vendors (Zinio) are maintained outside of the publishers' fulfillment systems and may be difficult to navigate to get the type of information needed for reporting to Verified.

Unfortunately, vendor reports provide different information. Barnes & Noble reports provide issue-by-issue information, but the Amazon and Apple reports do not. For all digital vendors, please provide the summary reports to Verified for the audit. If you have to calculate the total sales, provide the daily reports as well.

It may be helpful to create a summary spreadsheet that lists each vendor with the total sales for single copy and subscriptions.

If your vendor does not provide issue summary reports, you can calculate copies or subscriptions sold during the on-sale period on the report instead. For example, if the December issue available has an on-sale date of November 23rd and the next issue has and on-sale date of December 23rd, only the issues sold within November 23 – December 22 should be reported as that issue's sales.

If you have question about your digital vendor reports, please call Verified at 415-461-6006.


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