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October 2015

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
New York Times Offers Free Digital Day Passes To Newsstand Readers
Events Calendar
Opt-in Email Boosts Engagement, Lead Generation and Acquisition
Tips & Techniques: Maximize Distribution Value for Target Publications

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

Nonwovens IndustryNonwovens Industry
Rodman Media
Ramsey, NJ
Nonwovens Industry is a B2B brand intended for individuals with broad-based interests in the nonwoven industry. The brand content and editorial scope of the publication includes industry trends and issues, market surveys, technology updates and the latest nonwovens around the globe. The content of every issued is also available online and to subscribers globally via the online digital version.

Forester Media, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA
For more than 15 years, Stormwater has provided original content for those responsible for keeping waterways clean and in compliance with the Clean Water Act. The past decades have seen enormous change in regulatory requirements, technological development and economic factors, and Stormwater has advanced content to navigate this ever-changing terrain. Stormwater is published 8 times per year and is the official journal of StormCon, the North American Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition.

Grading & Excavation ContractorGrading & Excavation Contractor
Forester Media, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA
For nearly 20 years, Grading & Excavation Contractor has provided earthmoving contractors and executives objective, in-depth content, regulatory insight and industry intelligence. With its singular focus on the practical aspects of business operations, technology implementation and profitable executives, GX has distinguished itself as the leading publication in the rapidly changing earthmoving industry. Published 7 times per year, all content is original and authorized by its acclaimed editorial staff or other leading voices in the industry.

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New York Times Offers Free Digital
Day Passes To Newsstand Readers

All Access. All Day. All Free.The New York Times is bundling its print and digital products together – one day at a time. The newspaper is offering free digital day passes to its website and mobile apps to anyone buying a print copy of the newspaper at a newsstand anywhere in the U.S.

The program allows newsstand customers to enter a promotional code from the newspaper on their mobile device to get free, unlimited access to the newspaper's digital channels, including a large amount of content that doesn't necessarily appear in the print edition.

The promotional code consists of a keyword that the newsstand customer can then send as a mobile short code via text. After sending the text, the customer will receive a link to activate their digital access for the day. The user must be logged in to the Web site or create a new account in order to access the content. Content availability ends at midnight every day.

The promotion aims to offer newsstand customers the same benefits, for a shorter period, which the publisher offers to home delivery subscribers with its All Digital Access feature. The initiative will also help expose retail customers to content, including real-time news updates, video, interactive features, blogs and other content available exclusively online.

Probably not coincidentally, the new promotional program comes on the heels of a strategy memo circulated to NYT employees by the publication's leadership. It stressed a prominent focus on mobile devices as the main means of reaching new readers and building engagement with its existing audience.

Among other things, the strategy involves expanding mobile offerings to include more products like its popular Cooking app, which has been so successful it will serve as a model for similar service channels in categories like real estate, health and film and television.

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Events Calendar

Events CalendarNMA Silicon Valley Study Tour
November 2 – 6, 2015
San Francisco, CA

Mobile Matters: Maximizing Moment-to-Moment Media
November 5, 2015
New York, NY

ASME Workshop – Legal Briefing for Magazine Editors 2015
November 5, 2015
New York NY

Chasing the New Car Shopper
November 9, 2015
New York, NY

Local Media Digital Events Workshop
November 10 – 11, 2015
Chicago, IL

Digital Ad Innovation Summit
November 11 – 12, 2015
Chicago, IL

If you have an event that you would like to announce,
please send your information to


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Opt-in Email Boosts Engagement, Lead Generation and Acquisition

Opt-in Email Boosts Engagement, Lead Generation and AcquisitionAccording to the Ascend2 and Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex's report, "Email Marketing Trends, B2B Benchmarks for 2015," marketers can leverage the email marketing channel to engage with customers in nearly every part of the customer lifecycle. As many as 91% of respondents consider their email marketing somewhat or very successful at achieving company goals.

Some 60% of the 195 B2B business, marketing and sales professionals surveyed use email to boost engagement; additional main objectives include:

• Increasing lead generation email (57%)
• Improving acquisition and retention (43%)
• Enhancing lead nurturing (42%)

"Probably the primary reason why email has been so effective in a variety of areas like engagement is because most marketers are following best practices of opt-in email marketing, so people want to engage with them," said Todd Lebo, partner and CMO of Ascend2.

Seventy-three percent of professionals consider the click-through rate the most useful metric when measuring email marketing performance. Conversion rate came in a close second at 71%; open rate and email ROI, the next top contenders, significantly trailed behind at 42% and 40%, respectively.

Although the click-through rate is the favored metric, it's also one of email marketing's greatest hurdles. In fact, here are the barriers to email marketing success cited:

• Low click-through rates (53%)
• Lack of effective strategy (42%)
• Lack of quality content (33%)
• Lack of internal resources (32%)

While 41% of professionals say their click-through rates are increasing:

• 27% claim that their click-through rates are dropping
• 32% of respondents say their rates aren't changing at all

Said Lebo, "It's hard to get people's attention. The secret to a successful email strategy...ensuring that it's customer focused."

According to the report, including a meaningful call-to-action offer is the most effective way to increase click-through rates for 65% of professionals. Respondents also cite:

• List segmentation for targeting (51%)
• Message personalization (44%)
• Testing and observing (33%)

The most effective tactics can often be the most challenging to implement, says the report. And the numbers agree, based on responses:

• 43% say segmenting lists for targeting is the most difficult method to execute to boost click-through rates
• 33% say the same for including meaningful call-to-action offers
• 34% say testing and optimizing

The report concludes by recommending focus on list quality and less on list quantity. "As you pursue click-through rates," said Lebo. "You can have a smaller list, much more targeted, much more engaged, a much higher value. Have the patience to build a program."

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Tips & Techniques: Maximize Distribution
Value for Target Publications

Whether your employees are delivering your Target publication or you outsource to a contract distributor, adopting these three practices ensures a successful Verified audit, as well as providing the advertisers with the maximum value for their investment. Some of the practices require a time and financial commitment. Others, however, are quite simple and straightforward.

1. Build a Strong Delivery Network
Target distribution is only as good as your delivery network. Quality target locations provide the best pick-up rate for your publication and minimize waste. Check location return rates to determine the value of each location and eliminate low-performing ones. Respond to adjustments to distribution (closed locations, refusals, rack damage, etc.) quickly.

2. Set High Performance Standards
Be sure to set high performance standards and let your staff and/or distribution contractor know what you expect. They should be held to a high level of accountability and should know how their performance will be measured. Provide incentives for good performance and penalties for failure to meet the standards. When possible, each route should have a specific delivery window.

3. Perform Quality Control
Use a mix of visual and phone confirmations to ensure a minimum delivery verification per route. Pay special attention to routes with past performance issues. Regularly contact locations to confirm that they are getting the right number of copies, copies are being placed in a location for easy pick up and your distribution staff is professional.

Maximized Target distribution provides an effective advertising vehicle and contributes to your publications profitability.


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