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July 2015

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
Digital Media Survey Results
Apple Launches "News" App To Replace Newsstand
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Marketers Looking To Technology To Enhance Engaging Content

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

EPG & Specialty Information Media
Plymouth, MN
SportsTurf provides current, practical and technical content on issues relevant to sports turf managers and facilities directors. Readers range from professional levels through parks and recreation, universities and college, and K-12 schools, and also include athletic directors and coaches.

Landscape and IrrigationLandscape and Irrigation
EPG & Specialty Information Media
Plymouth, MN
Landscape and Irrigation is the business magazine for the landscape industry.


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Digital Media Survey Results

Digital Media Survey ResultsDuring May and June of 2015, Verified conducted research on the different types of digital media channels that our clients use and how they are integrated into their publication's business. The survey included both B2B and consumer print publications.

According to the survey, 92% of the publishers who responded told us that their publication had a website. Out of those publishers, the majority reported that the publication's website launched prior to 2006 (90.9%).

The survey indicated that all publications' websites sold advertising to generate revenue. Additionally, 70% of publications' websites generated revenue from other sources such as sponsorships, events, white papers and more.

Many of Verified's clients are choosing to highlight their web presence with a Digital Activity Report.

This report provides publishers with a range of website metrics illustrating how a publication's audience interacts with their brand beyond print and digital editions. Metrics that can be included in the report are monthly web traffic, traffic source, visitor device, time spent, geographic data and more.

A Digital Activity Report is customizable to reflect the website metrics that are most meaningful to publications and their advertisers.


Having website metrics included in your Audit Report presents advertisers with a deeper overall understanding of a brand's potential customer base. Social media, e-newsletters, webinar registrants and other audiences can also be included in the Digital Activity Report to show advertisers the additional scope of your audience reach across all digital media channels.

If you have questions about Verified's Digital Activity Reports or would like to add a Digital Activity Report to your audit, please contact Verified at 415-461-6006.

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Apple Launches "News" App To Replace Newsstand

Apple News AppAlbeit in the shadow of its new music service, Apple just launched "News" – a Flipboard-like mobile app that replaces Newsstand, and seeks to unseat Facebook and Twitter as a top news and information aggregator.

Like Facebook, Flipboard and other news hubs, News will serve up stories from a slew of publishers, based on each reader's perceived preferences.

The service is launching with about 20 publishing partners, including Condé Nast, ESPN, The New York Times, Hearst, Time Inc., CNN, BBC News, The Atlantic and Bloomberg.

Publishers can reportedly keep all of the ad revenue derived from the partnership, although Apple will take a small share if it helps sell unsold inventory. As has been its practice, Apple will also get a 30% cut of revenue from subscriptions sold through publishers' respective apps.

Analysts say News is a no-brainer, even though Apple is not exactly dying for the resulting ad revenue.

"Media is second only to communication on mobile phones," according to Forrester analyst Julie Ask. "It's a bit surprising, as Apple does not need ad revenue, but that category of media was a gap in their portfolio."

Social experts, however, are not yet convinced that News can supplant Facebook as a targeted news resource.

"Apple has an uphill battle ahead, as they not only have to offer an experience that matches or surpasses the news consumption experience in apps like Facebook, Twitter and now Snapchat, but [they] also have to change user behaviors," said Ron Schott, Director of Professional Services at Simply Measured, a social analytics startup.

"Mobile users are used to getting their updates from friends and news together in one stream, while the Apple News app is relying on them to specifically seek out publisher content in a stand-alone app," Schott said.

Apple is hardly the first tech giant to eye news aggregation. "The landscape of apps trying to offer a personalized news experience is littered with dead bodies, including AOL and Google," said Bob Buch, CEO of SocialWire, a startup building Facebook ads for retailers.

"If they get it right, Apple's News app could give Flipboard a run for its money, but I don't see it being a credible threat to Facebook and Twitter," said Buch. "It will never beat Facebook at telling you what your friends are doing, and Twitter is too dominant in real-time news."

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Apple News is helping publishers create stories that fit the service's particular aesthetics. Content can include photos, galleries, audio, video, maps and animation.

As part of its broader effort to appeal to publishers, Facebook recently launched Instant Articles – a service that it promises will serve up content at a rate that is up to ten times faster than standard mobile web articles.

Sweetening the deal, Instant Article publisher partners can sell ads in their articles and keep 100% of the revenue, or they can use Facebook's Audience Network to monetize unsold inventory.

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Events Calendar

Events CalendarInland's Circulation Management &
Audience Development Conference
August 4 – 5, 2015
Chicago, IL

NAM Annual Meeting & Summer Conference
August 4 – 7, 2015
Minneapolis, MN

National Association of Black Journalists Convention & Career Fair
August 5 – 9, 2015
Minneapolis, MN

2015 FMA Annual Publishing Conference & Expo
August 6 – 7, 2015
Champions Gate, FL

Asian American Journalism Association National Convention
August 6– 9, 2015
San Francisco, CA

LocalMedia Fast Forward Video Summit
August 18 – 19, 2015
Chicago, IL

If you have an event that you would like to announce,
please send your information to


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Marketers Looking To Technology To Enhance Engaging Content

According to new research by Pulsepoint and Digiday, brand engagement is at the heart of content marketing, cited by 66.8% of UK and U.S. agency and brand professionals. Similarly, in a recent study by Ascend2, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide also said improving customer engagement is an important content marketing goal.

Primary Challenge of Content and Customer Engagement According to US Marketing Professonals, March 2015Among U.S. marketing professionals polled, 48% were not confident that their marketing content drove customer engagement at all. The most-cited challenges to engaging customers through content were maintaining a two-way dialogue and measuring business results.

Pan Communications noted that these were related, as marketers' inability to determine content's business impact meant they couldn't tailor interactions, as they jumped from one communication channel to the next. Similar to solid dialogue, one in 10 respondents also struggled to execute omnichannel campaigns, a "glaring concern," according to the study.

Ascend2 found that 33% of respondents cited the inability to measure effectiveness as a challenge to achieving content marketing success, and 27% said the same about lack of cross-channel integration.

Sixty percent of agency and brand professionals and publishers said automation tools would allow for more precise data-driven targeting, and 58% would be able to resolve the ROI issue with better measurement and optimization techniques, says the report.

Technology will change content marketing and help address these issues, concludes the report. When marketers envisioned which trends will have the largest impact on marketing over the next five years, 38% cited the convergence of marketing and technology as the first response.

Trend That Will Affect Marketing Most Over the Next 5 Years According to US Marketing Professionals, March 2015The report says that a study by Curata found that 59.8% of U.S. marketers planned to increase content marketing technology this year. Concluding, the report says that adoption of such tools should allow marketers to ensure content creation is tailored to specific customer personas based on data and insights, as opposed to just taking a shot in the dark on each channel, and continuously engage consumers.

While content marketing and native advertising are separate categories, they both depend on updated modes of analysis and measurement, as well as the tech that fosters better engagement and response.

Michael Essany, for Mobile Marketing Watch, concludes that "Content marketing is the message. Native can be the envelope it is delivered in. Marketers must treat each as its own. Content marketing and native advertising's strong relationship means tech will reshape both simultaneously."


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