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May 2011

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...
NYT Traffic Declines With Pay Wall
Newspapers Deliver, Consumers Take Action
Events Calendar
Tips & Techniques: Event Audit

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Verified Would Like to Welcome...

Fama Publishing Group
Miami, FL
FAMA covers U.S. Hispanic lifestyle and entertainment. It is one of the most prestigious publications in its category and includes exclusive one-on-one interviews and photo ops of top Latin celebrities in every issue.

Nashville PostNashville Post
Nashville Post Southcomm
Nashville, TN
Nashville Post informs business and political decision-makers about what's happening across Middle Tennessee. The magazine reports on the people and issues that define Middle Tennessee business and shape its future. Its mission is to be relevant, educational and entertaining, promoting the region's vibrant and sophisticated quality of life and work.

Mississippi Business JournalMississippi Business Journal
The Dolan Company
Jackson, MS
Mississippi Business Journal is a weekly news publication and the only statewide business publication in the state of Mississippi. Mississippi Business Journal serves the statewide business community with topical news, business analysis and accounts of exceptional achievement among key leaders in the business community. The companion website,, offers unlimited access for the subscribers to articles, archives and blogs plus additional resources of interest to the business community.

Professional MarinerProfessional Mariner
Navigator Publishing
Portland, ME
Professional Mariner provides information on the commercial and military vessels that are in North America's oceans, coastal waters, inland rivers and lakes. Professional Mariner covers tugs, towboats, cargo, government, passenger, spill response, pilot boats, offshore support, salvage, dredge and fireboats. Professional Mariner provides reporting on maritime casualties, regulations, legislation, shipbuilding, safety, technology and business/management issues.

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NYT Traffic Declines With Pay Wall 

Paywall!The New York Times website saw the total number of page views decline 24.4% from March to April following the introduction of the new online pay wall on March 28, according to comScore figures cited by Ad Age.

In proportional terms, this was a larger decrease than the overall dropoff of 7.5% for newspaper websites as a whole between the two months. (The general decline was attributed to a quieter news scene in April versus March, when major events in Japan and Libya captured the nation's attention.)

Measured against other newspaper websites, the NYT's share of total news traffic declined from 13% in March to 10.6% in April, suggesting that some casual readers probably migrated to other websites rather than pay the minimum monthly subscription fee of $15.

Some kind of post-pay-wall decline was anticipated by NYT executives, although it's unclear whether the month-over-month loss of nearly one-quarter of their page views will be viewed as an acceptable rate of attrition.

In early March, publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. expressed confidence that the newspaper website would not suffer a "massive drop in traffic" without offering a quantitative definition.

The loss is somewhat larger than suggested by initial data from Experian Hitwise, which found total visits during the 12-day period following the pay-wall launch were down 5% to 15%, compared to the 12-day period before the launch. (That is, except for April 8, when there was basically no change, and April 9, when there was a 7% increase.)

Averaging the percent changes, including the one instance of positive growth, the NYT website suffered an average audience loss of 7.5% in the 12-day period following the introduction of the pay wall.

However, these smaller initial losses may have reflected the tail end of higher-than-average news consumption in March, prolonged by the threatened government shutdown at the beginning of April. Former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz predicted in December of last year that the NYT's pay wall could take in about $100 million per year.

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Newspapers Deliver, Consumers Take Action

Newspapers Deliver, Consumers Take ActionAccording to data from Frank N. Magid Associates, newspaper advertising is the leading advertising medium cited by consumers in planning, shopping and making purchasing decisions.

Fifty-two percent of all adults identify newspapers as the medium they use to help plan shopping or make purchase decisions. Seventy-two percent of all adults regularly or occasionally read newspaper preprints, and for Sunday inserts, this figure increases to 90% of all adults.

Over a 30-day period, 8 in 10 adults acted on newspaper preprint advertising.

John Sturm, NAA President and CEO, says the study shows that "more than all other media, adults continue to turn to newspapers to inform shopping decisions that lead to purchases."

Highlights include:

Four of five adults (79%) of those surveyed said they took action as a result of newspaper advertising in the past month, including:

  • Clipping a coupon (54%)
  • Buying something (46%)
  • Visiting websites to learn more (37%)
  • Trying something for the first time (20%)

Thirty-eight percent of adults who identify themselves as newspaper nonreaders, recalled other forms of engagement in the past week, including checking sales in local stores, clipping coupons, comparing prices, checking movie or TV listings and classified, and various forms of editorial content. This unofficial exposure overall adds another 13 percentage points to the newspaper's weekly reach among all adults and is considered as a bonus beyond the normal audience.

Advertising on local newspaper websites ranked second (behind emailed store or product information) among online options for advertising sources, beating general interest websites, or portals, paid ads that appear on the right side of the search engine screens, ads on social network pages and ads on mobile devices

Newspapers also lead other media on the following advertising benefits:

  • Checking for regular shopping (41%)
  • Having advertising from stores that you regularly shop (36%)
  • Being the most believable and trustworthy (36%)
  • Being the best for bringing sales to your attention (38%)
  • Being the most valuable in planning shopping (36%)
  • Preferred for receiving advertising information (36%)

The report shows that other media trailed well behind newspapers as the primary medium for checking advertising. The Internet is closest but trailed newspapers by seven percentage points.

Primary Medium for Checking Advertising


% of Respondents





Ads received in the mail










None of these


Source: NAA, April 2011

Visit the NAA for more information

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Event CalendarEvents Calendar

National Newspaper Publishers Association Annual Convention
June 22 – 25, 2011
Chicago, IL

Alliance of Area Business Publications Summer Conference 2011
June 23 – 25, 2011
Providence, RI

AFExpo - Putting Facebook to Work:
Strategies for Marketing and Development
June 28 – 29, 2011
San Francisco, CA

MediaBistro Start Up Boot Camp
July 12 – August 30, 2011
online conference and workshop

If you have an event that you would like to announce, please send your information

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Tips & Techniques: Event Audit

An Event Audit is an objective, third-party confirmation of attendance claims and attendee demographics for an exhibition or event. The audit provides accountability and assures event advertisers and sponsors that the numbers being presented about the event are accurate.

An audit can also segment attendance by demographics appropriate to a particular show. This allows the event participant to target their marketing and more accurately measure audience. For example, the audit may provide:

  • Attendance by day
  • Job function
  • Type of business
  • Geographic breakdown

For the audit, exhibition and event organizers must provide:

  • Access to attendance records and demographic details (if applicable)
  • Registration information (mail, online, telephone, etc.)
  • Payment support or request for attendees

An Event Audit can be a powerful addition to a publisher's event space-selling program. It acts as an added incentive to help you sign up more event sponsors, sell more exhibit space and attract more attendees.

If you have questions about Event Audits, please contact Verified at 415-461-6006.

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