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Demographics and Consumer Spending

Verified offers reports by ZIP Code that include basic demographic and consumer spending information. It's easy to order custom research reports tailored to your distribution area. Reports are ready within one to two days of our receipt of your order. Please call for pricing.

Verified's reports are based on data provided by ESRI, one of America's leading providers of demographic and marketing data.

Demographics Report

This report is a snapshot of demographic information by ZIP Code, including Total Number of Households, Total Population, Household Size, Household Income, Owner Occupied Households, Renter Households, Age by Total Population and by Male and Female, Education, Percentage of White and Blue Collar Workers and Race/Ethnicity.

Consumer Spending Report

This report is a summary of consumer spending by ZIP Code. Consumer spending data is provided for Total Retail, Apparel and Related Services, Personal Care, Nonprescription and Prescription Drugs, Grocery, Dining Out, Alcoholic Beverages, Leisure and Entertainment, Transportation, Travel, Home Furnishings and Home Improvement.

Sample Reports:

      Basic Demographics

   Consumer Spending Report


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